3 Home Projects Using Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets | 3 Dec 2014

 polycarbonate roofing sheet

If you’re a person whose creative projects are always geared toward the improvement of your home, there’s an abundance of cool ideas to definitely try. Just head to Instagram and Pinterest and you’ll surely find a home upgrade project that your budget can easily accommodate — from DIY organisation to the construction of additional functional space for your family.

When it comes to quick building projects, top quality materials will prove to be multifunctional, such as those elegant polycarbonate roofing sheets that provide outstanding protection from the sun. With a polycarbonate sheet alone, which by the way can come in a range of design profiles and colours, you will definitely have no issue finding a project to launch into.

Here are some project ideas for the home that you may want to try:

  1. .     See-through railing for your deck — If you have a deck that opens directly to a fantastic view of the lake or ocean, you probably want a full view. You can use clear polycarbonate sheets that will allow you and your family to enjoy the view from your deck while staying sheltered and safe. Polycarbonate sheets, whether they are corrugated or 5 Rib, are highly durable so you won’t have to worry about the young ones breaking the railing and falling off the deck. Also, the clear railing will surely add a strong touch of sophistication to the outdoor home extension.
  2. .     Outdoor shower — For bathing, sometimes, it’s in to be out. If your family enjoys outdoor activities that get them really dirty and usually have them leaving a track of mud all the way to the bathroom, spare yourself the cleaning hassle by creating an outdoor shower. You can use crude plumbing for this by creating an extension for one of your water pipes, and then construct slatted walls, and a French drain. To protect the outdoor shower from elements while still taking advantage of natural light, use polycarbonate sheets as roofing.
  3. .     Stylish shed — If you don’t like looking for stuff in your shed using a torch during the day or switching on lights when it’s actually so bright out, switching your shed’s roofing to clear or tinted polycarbonate roofing will prove to be a sound solution. You don’t even have to worry much about the shed getting too overheated because SolaSafe polycarbonate roofing sheets in level 3 not only filter 99.9 percent of UV rays, but they also have outstanding heat reducing properties due to the heat reflecting technology applied to them.



Why Get Polycarbonate Roofing For Your Property | 12 Dec 2014

polycarbonate roofing

Roofing plays a key role in maintaining safety and comfort for you, and that of your family. But certain materials may also be used to accent your home. One such roofing material is the polycarbonate panel.

Polycarbonate panels are made from transparent thermoplastic polymer. It is very stable, durable, and flexible. And it weighs six times less than comparable glass sheets. 

While the roofing material might not be ideally suitable for your entire home, its durability and flexibility allow you to use it for other features of your property. You can use it for your carport. You can get it for your greenhouse or conservatory. You can add it to your patio or pergola. With the right polycarbonate roofing, you can add an eye-catching feature to your outdoor living spaces or your entire property.

But for all the aesthetic value it provides, polycarbonate panels are more than just “pretty.” They also make for a sound investment. For one thing, polycarbonate panels last a long, long time.Lifetime warranty!

For another thing, polycarbonate panels are impact resistant — about 250 times more impact resistant than most materials, like glass. What does this mean? It means that your polycarbonate panels can take on tremendous force coming from, for instance, hail storms. So it’s one solid protection for your car (or cars). If you happen to live near a golf course or a driving range, installing polycarbonate panels for features around your property would provide adequate protection from golf balls that suddenly find their way into your area. 

In addition to longevity and higher impact resistance, polycarbonate panels can be molded into different shapes — according to the architecture of your property. You can come up with unique and interesting shapes for your carport or conservatory, and working with polycarbonate will allow you that creativity. 

A polycarbonate sheet also offers greater protection from harmful UV rays. Some manufacturers provide varying levels of UV protection so you get just the right amount of balance with light and heat. But overall, polycarbonate panels transmit more light than other materials, which is primarily why it’s a preferred roofing panel for some greenhouses.  

Finally, with advances in technology and greater demand for more variety, polycarbonate panels also come in varying colours and profiles. You will not be limited to just clear, corrugated panels. You can also go for light bronze, 5-ribbed polycarbonate sheets or opal greca panels.