Wonderglass GCP Corrugated or Trimdek

Buy Wonderglass GCP - Corrugated or Trimdek Profiles 1500gsm. 

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Wonderglas GCP" polyester sheeting provides simply wonderful protection and durability.  This product represents a technology break-through.  It's so good we give it a Lifetime Warranty against loss of light transmission.

Surface erosion (fibre show) is minimal even over long periods of time; until now, domestic polyester sheeting has not had the exceptional surface protection offered by the latest surface coating technology.  The highly UV resistant protection applied to "Wonderglas GCP" provides similar performance to Ampelite's premium industrial grades used in major projects around Australia.

Even in harsh environments, including the far north, "Wonderglas GCP" will out perform other domestic translucent and clear roofing materials.  Loss of light transmission even over long periods of 10 to 12 years is around just 10% compared to a 35% loss for standard sheeting.

"Wonderglas GCP" is available in corrugated and 5 Rib profiles in exciting new colours.  Coloured sheets provide softer light and transmit less heat.  Choose "Wonderglas GCP" for home improvement projects where-ever you need light and protection.

"Wonderglas GCP" eliminates 99% of the sun's harmful ultra violet rays, so you can really enjoy outdoor living without UV exposure

"Wonderglas GCP" has relatively high shade factor but provides plenty of soft light without uncomfortable levels of heat being transmitted as well.  Providing there is good ventilation, temperatures under "Wonderglas GCP" are lower than in direct sunlight, and cooler than under transparent sheeting.  The transmitted light and shade factors are shown in the table below next to the colours.

The extra strength of "Wonderglas GCP" allows longer spans between purlins.  It doesn't expand and contract as much as transparent roofing, so there is no need to use messy anti-noise tape under the sheet.  It is also hail resistant.

"Wonderglas GCP" sheeting resists scratching, is light, easily drilled or sawn and quickly fixed to roofing timbers using Ampelite screws and sealing washers.  Sheets can be curved, so you can create a great look.  For a neat finish install our profiled end closure strips.

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