Fibreglass Domestic 1200gsm Trimdek

Purchase Fibreglass Domestic 1200gsm in Trimdek profile. Australian Made. Lets in plenty of light. 

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Domestic Fibreglass 1200gsm Trimdek





Light %

Heat %

Ice Clear



Opal (white)



Emerald Green



Slate Grey




Cuts 99% of harmful UV Rays

You can enjoy the garden yet be protected from the sun, because these glass reinforced polyester sheets have an inbuilt safeguard against the transmission of harmful ultra violet rays. Sun without sunburn.

Australian Made

Fibreglass sheeting is made to stand up to tough Australian conditions from Townsville to Hobart.  When you choose these glass reinforced sheets you can be sure that it has been made from the highest quality materials available using the world's latest resin technology.  The manufacturing process ensures that each phase of production is absolutely consistent from batch to batch.

Polyester film surface protection

This tough film forms an integral part of the sheet and increases its life as it prevents reinforcing fibres becoming exposed on the surface of the sheet.

There are so many ways to use Domestic Fibreglass Sheets.  And, the cost is moderate, so it's good value too.  If you want plenty of light, lasting protection from the sun, and a great home feature, start by drawing up a simple plan.

Domestic Fibreglass sheeting is lightweight and easy to handle and install.  Even projects such as an outdoor living area or carport can be a satisfying Do-It-Yourself job.

Before you order materials or commence to build you should check that your proposed work complies with local council by-laws.  

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