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Corrugated Sheets - Our most popular polycarbonate roofing product!

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Corrugated SolaSafe polycarbonate roofing sheets come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, so you can rest easy knowing your roofing will last for many years to come! Available in a variety of colours and lengths.

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Buy now Polycarbonate roofing in the "Corrugated" profile.

This is our most popular polycarbonate sheet profile. A durable, versatile, yet affordable roofing material, which is perfect for a wide range of different residential, commercial and industrial structures. This polycarbonate sheet is relatively lightweight, which makes them easy to install and handle, perfect for pergola roofing or patio roofing. Unlike many other types of polycarbonate sheet, SolaSafe's products are designed to resist fracture that often occur while drilling holes through the sheets. This allows for even easier installations and repairs.

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The SolaSafe polycarbonate roofing sheet is designed for use in a wide range of climates. They remain stable and resist warping and distortion in a wide range of temperatures, from -40 degrees to more than 110 degrees.

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These polycarbonate roofing sheets come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY, so you can rest easy knowing your roofing will last for many years to come! These roofing sheets are guaranteed to stay in great shape with normal usage. The sheeting are also warrantied against excessive yellowing. You can also be confident that your roofing will stand up to high winds and hail up to 19mm in diameter. Your polycarbonate roofing comes with a five year warranty for wind and hail damage.

Australia is located in a region of the world where ozone layer depletion has resulted in extremely strong UV rays, which can damage skin, fade fabrics and other materials. Therefore, you need a roofing material that will protect you, your home/business and belongings from those intense and dangerous rays.

The polycarbonate sheet features in-built UV protection that blocks 99.9% of UV rays, so your home or business will remain safe, protected from Australia's intense UV rays. These roofing sheets filter out UV while simultaneously letting in 90% of daylight. Clear sheets tend to allow more heat into the structure, whereas the tinted sheets in colors such as light bronze, green, wheat, grey, dark tint and opal tend to reduce heat transmission. Clear sheets block 15% of heat, while opal sheets block 45% of heat, grey blocks 60% of heat, light bronze blocks 55% of heat and dark tint blocks 70% of heat. The tinted polycarbonate roofing sheets are recommended for hotter locations, whereas the clear polycarbonate roofing sheets are ideal for more temperate locations.

As mentioned above, SolaSafe polycarbonate roofing comes in several different tint colors, so there's something to meet every structure's design and colour scheme.

These polycarbonate roofing sheets also comes with a great fire rating. These polycarbonate roof sheets are rated as a self-extinguishing material which makes them a suitable option for a wide range of structures.

The roofing sheets are available in a wide range of sizes and they can also be cut to a custom length.

ColoursLightHeatShade Factor
Light Bronze36%60.6%3
Dark Tint17%38.9%7

* Shade Factor Key 0 =Full Light 10 = Full Shade


What You Might Miss Out On When You Don’t Choose Polycarbonate Roofing

Your choice of roofing material impacts the quality and durability of your entire home. When you choose a low-quality roof or if your roof was installed incorrectly, it’s not just the roof that will be prone to premature damage. It can impact your entire home as well and hurt its structural integrity. A single leak, a loose connection, a weak part can all drive you to huge costs, if not serious danger.

 The good news is you don’t have to spend for expensive materials or exert too much effort sourcing the right brand just to get the roof you need – specifically a roof that performs even under extreme environmental pressure and can manage to be in tip-top shape even after the passing of time. Today’s building and industrial technologies present consumers with the best options on roofing.

 A particular roofing product that is considered the most preferred by many homeowners and home builders is polycarbonate roofing, with Solasafe from manufacturer Ampelite counted as among the leading brands today.

 To illustrate why polycarbonate roofing is the leading choice, see below the benefits that you may miss out on if you choose lower-quality roofs:

 Enjoy outdoor living. When you use Solasafe polycarbonate roofing for your outdoor structures such as your patio, garden shed or playground or poolside lounge, you’ll get to enjoy the light and warmth of the sun – mins the harmful UV rays it brings. The sheeting provides 99.9% UV protection, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without worry.

 Ensure fast and efficient installation. A polycarbonate sheet lets you enjoy the exact level of transparency (or opacity) and strength you get from glass, without its heavy weight and extreme stiffness. It’s lightweight and can be designed in a wide range of lengths, making it possible for them to be installed as one continuous piece and therefore making the installation process easier and faster.

 Save energy. Polycarbonate sheets boast of insulating properties that are superior compared to treated glass (double- or triple-glazed, argon filled, etc.). This means you can preserve the right temperature in your outdoor living spaces, sheds or carports better, helping you save on your heating and cooling costs. Moreover, while polycarbonate prevents the build-up of heat and protects you from UV rays, you can also choose sheets that allow you to control light transmission, so you can take advantage of available light during the day and therefore lower your energy consumption.

Save money. Polycarbonate is highly durable, damage-resistant, fire-resistant and made for long-term and heavy duty use. It’s also typically cheaper by 30 to 50 per cent than insulated glass. In other words, Ampelite polycarbonate roofing lets you save more without skimping on the benefits.

Reasons to Invest in Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets for Your Canopy

There are various outdoor systems that you can use to improve your home in terms of practicality and aesthetics. One of the solutions that you can invest in is a canopy system.

Canopies offer solutions to all kind of problems. Canopy systems can be used to protect an area from the elements and it can also be utilised to increase the amount of working or living space a structure offers. Depending on the requirement, canopies can be newly built or it can be “retro-fit” on an existing infrastructure. They can also be used away from the building (free standing canopy systems).

Some canopies are installed for aesthetic purposes. Home and garden canopies can make attractive outdoor decors. However, the practical reasons for having a canopy, which include protecting your patio and garden from harsh weather, making your lawn a more relaxing space, maximising your home and outdoor area better, or giving you shelter when you are unloading your car in the rain or snow, always outweigh its decorative purpose.

A canopy’s structure can be made of GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic. However, many home improvement experts are recommending the use of polycarbonate roofing sheets. Polycarbonate is a lightweight yet highly durable material that is used for a wide variety of applications. The following are the reasons why polycarbonate makes the best material to be used in the construction of canopies:

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are long-lasting. They can maintain their good condition, durability and clean look over time. This product also has a long life span; it is said that they have a life expectancy of 25 years.

They have high impact resistance. Polycarbonate products feature high impact resistance. They are virtually unbreakable. They are so durable and tough that they have an amazing structural performance.

Polycarbonate roofing products are weather-resistant. Polycarbonate can stand up to extreme weather conditions. This type of roofing product can also handle weathering better than other types of materials.

It has high UV protection features. Most brands and varieties of polycarbonate roofing panels are manufactured with a UV filter to provide better UV protection to people and items underneath it. 

It offers low heat transmission. This product effectively keeps the area underneath it cool under hot and sunny weather conditions.

Polycarbonate offers great fire performance. Polycarbonate roof panels are self-extinguishing when the source of the flame is removed immediately. This product will also not promote fire or aid in its spread. 

Lastly, it is the most cost-effective roofing product for a canopy. Due to the numerous benefits they offer, polycarbonate roofing sheets can offer more value for your money.
In need of polycarbonate sheets for your personal canopy project? These materials can easily be purchased online from reliable sellers such as Polycarbonate Roofing Online, which sources the sheets from Solasafe. 


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