Corrugated Foam Infill Strip End Closure Strip

Purchase Corrugated Foam infill strips - insert under flashings for weather tight seal.

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Foam infill strips - insert under flashings for weather tight seal - "Corrugated" profile.

Seals your roof against weather, dust and those pesky pests entering your roof cavity!

Each Foam Infill Strip Covers - 915mm

Foam Infill Strips Protect Your Home

You’ve probably noticed that there are gaps under your roof sheets that could allow entry into the cavity between your ceiling and your roof. There are many things you don’t want getting in there, and to stop these unwelcome elements from technically finding their way inside your home, you need to seal those entry points. You can do so by using foam infill strips.

What are these roof accessories, and how do they protect your home from potential problems? Infill strips are closed-cell, foam-plastic gap plugs shaped to follow the curves and angles of different types of flashing. There are infill strips that match the profiles of corrugated iron, but also available in Greca, Trimdek, KlipLok, Speed Deck, etc. Tightly sealing the gap under the roof flashings, the infills protect your home from the damaging effects of weather, dust, and pests.

Rainwater, in particular, could lead to a sea of trouble. Not only can this damage structural components, but it can cause incidents of fire as well when it gets into power outlets or electrical wires. Moisture can also lead to the breeding of mould and other fungi, which could be dangerous to the health of the residents. It also attracts bugs, which could eat away at wood, plaster, insulation fibres, and other materials, not to mention serve as a general nuisance.

Dust and other bits of debris, on the other hand, can also lead to the weakening of various building materials. Such dirt and mess could also attract creatures to nest in your roof cavity. Dust, of course, is an allergen and could cause sickness among the human occupants as well.

Pests are definitely not welcome in any home, and you need to make sure that they can find no way into yours. Bugs do not only pose a threat to the structure; their presence could definitely prove to be very perilous as well. There have been many incidents of wasps, bees, and other dangerous insects infesting a roof cavity and stinging or biting the residents. Such a condition could be fatal to humans who could go into anaphylactic shock. Rodents, meanwhile, do not only carry disease, but gnaw on electric wires and gas lines as well.

You need to make sure that your home is, in effect, a solid fortress. Keep those gaps sealed to make sure that you don’t unwittingly offer entry to harmful objects and creatures. Using Infill strips is the way to do this.



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