Klip Lok 700 Clips

Easy to install KlipLok 700 fixing clips to hold your roofing sheets in place.

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Before starting your first clip, it is a good idea to measure out how your sheets are going to fit into the section of roof you are about to lay. Remembering that each sheet covers 700mm, with an extra 30mm on end sheets. This will make it allot easier when it comes to doing the flasings. When staring your first clip, either measure of a wall or set up a string line, so that all clips are perfectly lined up, ready to gently lay your first sheet into place. 

Now all the other clips should link up to these ones quite easily. After laying each sheet, simply take a check measurement just incase the sheets are creeping out of shape at all. If so, there is a little bit of movement in the clips if you need to shink or stretch them slightly.


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