Box Gutter COLORBOND® Roof Flashing

Purchase COLORBOND® Box Gutter.

Measures: 200MM X 200MM X 200MM

All flashings are made in our factory.  

Please contact us if you require a custom made flashing. 

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* COLORBOND® Colour : 
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COLORBOND® Box Guttering Roof Flashing
200MM X 200MM X 200MM
A box gutter is given its name as it is usually “boxed” into the middle or edge of the roof.  The gutter collects the water and disposes of it through the drainpipe. 

Box gutters are generally concealed as they are hidden by outside walls that are higher than the edge of the roof tiles or sheeting – that is, you can’t see them when you look at the home, so they are great if you don’t like the look of gutters for whatever reason.

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