How to Save Time and Money During Corrugated Iron Roof Installation

Construction, renovation or home repair projects will always require a serious investment of your time and money. Even if it’s just a seemingly minor project, enhancement or fix-up, you’ll still need to prepare yourself for the adjustments you need to make to ensure the job will finish on time, and will have high-quality results. 

Installing a roof is a solid example of this principle. Whether you need to install one because you’re building a new property, or you want to repair, replace or upgrade your existing roof,  it is important to implement the right strategy that will prevent you from wasting time and money due to wrong or miscalculated decisions. 

With today’s fast-paced lifestyles and businesses, people have no time and patience for project delays and distractions. Here are some of the time- and money-saving tips to remember when having a new roof installed: 

Invest in the right material
. Corrugated iron is the preferred roofing option of industry experts and homeowners in Australia because of its outstanding durability, flexibility and reliability. It can last for 30 to 50 years or more, especially with proper cleaning and maintenance. That alone can already save you a significant amount by avoiding premature repairs or replacements. 

Look for the most suitable option for your location
. Corrugated iron sheets manufactured by leading companies Colorbond and Lysaght are engineered to suit the Australian climate, which is known to swing from one extreme to another. You save time and money as well as avoid headaches and hassles by installing a roof that offers you sufficient climactic protection and insulation. 

Think about logistics
. What further encourages consumers to choose corrugated iron is its accessibility. Other roofing materials, even those commercially manufactured such as tile or asphalt shingle, can be hard to source or tend to be too bulky and fragile, making delivery and transport extra challenging and expensive. 

Do your research
. Be in the know about new products and innovations that will deliver you more value for your money. The Custom Orb® corrugated profile, for instance, can offer you a variety of styles, a wider coverage area, better water carrying capacity, and double panel strength, thanks to new technology. 

Buy COLORBOND® roofing online. Online retailers enjoy lower overhead costs. The leading ones have a direct relationship with premier roofing supply manufacturers. These allow them to offer products that are relatively lower than what’s offered in the market, especially in brick-and-mortar home building supply stores. Do your shopping online for an easy, efficient and cost-saving purchase. 

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