Turning Roofing Materials Into Home Interior Décor

Bringing the outdoors in — this is a growing trend when it comes to interior decorating. In fact, a lot of home living magazines provide a cornucopia of decorating ideas for inside the home that feature garden furniture and other elements, which are typically used outdoors.

If you want in on this trend, you can start out with projects using roofing materials as these are some of the most versatile items to work with. Say, you have Bluescope Steel COLORBOND® roofing sheets and gutters left over from your roofing replacement; here are the different ways you can incorporate them into your home’s interior style.
  • Wall décor – Instead of framed paintings on the wall, you can cut roofing panels to different sizes (or uniform sizes, whichever you prefer) and then attach them to your wall. Even if they do not have pictures on them, you can bet that they can bring new character to your bare walls. Or, you can paint them if their plain or rustic beauty doesn’t suit you.
  • Spice or herb racks – Gutters are perfect storage implements for small bottles of everything you need in the kitchen. If you have wood walls, you can just drill the gutters through the wall for stability. You can store little bottles of spices and condiments on it, and if you have small pots of herbs you often use in the kitchen, you can place them near your cooking area so they’re within easy reach when you’re trying to whip something up. The row of green herbs will also make your kitchen fragrant; plus, they’re a refreshing sight.
  • Standing and foldable panels – Roofing sheets framed in wood can serve as dividers for big spaces, and at the same time function as a nice cover for room components that you don’t want exposed.
  • Artistic recessed or cove lighting – Indirect lighting can make homes cosier and you can make recessed lighting for inside your home using roofing panels and gutters. There are many ways you can treat these roofing materials to achieve the artistic lighting of your choice — you really are only limited by your imagination.
  • Indoor awnings – These roofing extensions can also be used inside the home especially for windows that tend to let in too much light. These are charming features that you can use as window treatments, and for these, you just need corrugated metal roofing panels and wood.
If you have other decorating project ideas using roofing materials, you can purchase your supplies at the lowest prices (so you can execute more beautification efforts for your home without breaking the bank) through trusted Bluescope Steel suppliers. 

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