Beyond Roofing: Corrugated Iron Melbourne Experts Share Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

Corrugated iron sheets are the preferred roofing material for leading Australian and Victorian builders, architects, designers and homeowners because of its durability, flexibility and sustainability. 

Perhaps the only major downside of using corrugated iron, Melbourne experts say, is that your local hardware store may have limited stocks of it and may not have the many types, colours and styles offered by the manufacturer. 

That is why it’s best to order your corrugated iron sheets from a reputable supplier online, as this option is more convenient and provides you access to a wide range of products and services. Moreover, it can be more cost-efficient since online shops have lower overhead costs and can therefore offer lower prices than conventional hardware stores. 

Corrugated iron sheets, however, are not only used as a roofing material. It is also used for construction and renovation inside and outside residential and commercial properties. 

With a bit of imagination and handy skills, you can use corrugated iron for a number of projects in your home.  If you’re interested in improving your outdoor living spaces, then corrugated iron is a good core material for many additions and upgrades to spruce up your yard or garden. 

Here are some projects that can benefit from the look and functionality of corrugated iron: 

Garden bed or fence. Quality corrugated iron sheets are a great choice for creating garden fencing because its material can withstand rotting and can’t be attacked by pests, and is therefore suitable for using outdoors and to be in contact with the ground. 

Visual statement. Corrugated iron is designed and offered in a wide range of colours and finishes, allowing you to have numerous uses for them to add oomph and colour to your outdoor living spaces. You may attach them to a wall or fence, or they can be used as additional shade and panels for your patio, swimming pool deck or garden. 

Added privacy. Since they’re easy to install, reinstall or relocate to another area, corrugated iron sheets are a great solution for creating pockets in your outdoor space or establishing more privacy in selected areas. For instance, it can be used to build an outdoor shower or a wet area, because the material won’t accumulate rust or mould even when in constant contact with water. 

Furniture and storage. Corrugated iron panels are flexible and can be easily cut into various sizes and shapes. Designers and builders have transformed them to serve various uses, such as cabinets, tables, headboards, rain barrels and more. They’re low maintenance and easy to clean, allowing you as the homeowner to truly enjoy your more attractive and functional outdoor space. 

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