Greca Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Purchase Greca polycarbonate sheets. With high impact resistance and UV protection they are the perfect way to enhance your home and outdoor living areas. Features a Lifetime Warranty and available in a variety of colours and lengths.

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Purchase Polycarbonate Solasafe Roof Sheeting : Greca Profile

With high impact resistance and UV protection Polycarbonate roofing sheets are the perfect way to enhance your home and outdoor living areas.

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Our polycarbonate sheets are quick and easy to install, and are the ideal solution where light transmission is appropriate.

Notably, our Polycarbonate Sheets are able to be cut to your custom length.

Our Polycarbonate roofing features a lifetime warranty. For full warranty details, please contact us.

Polycarbonate roof sheeting is available in clear and a range of colours, each with its own degree of light transmission.

ColoursLightHeatShade Factor
Light Bronze36%60.6%3
Dark Tint17%38.9%7

* Shade Factor Key 0 =Full Light 10 = Full Shade

This is a Solasafe level 1 product.


How To Install Polycarbonate Sheeting — The Proper Way

“Use as directed.” There is good reason why products come with specific instructions on installation and even maintenance. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines will guarantee that you get the most of out of the product you purchased. One specific product that requires proper compliance with installation instruction is polycarbonate roofing.

 Polycarbonate roofing offers many benefits to your home. The Solasafe variety, in comparison to the standard variety, delivers 99.9 percent UV protection. Its matte textured profile also gives your outdoor living areas better heat and glare reduction as well as improved light transmission. But whether you install the polycarbonate sheeting on your patio or garage, it pays to follow installation instruction so that you enjoy the range of benefits it has to offer. Below are some of the more critical steps to ensure proper installation.

When choosing your polycarbonate sheets, consider existing installation. Some homeowners may place new polycarbonate roofing on top of an old one. If this is the case with your installation, make sure that you check the colour of your old roofing so you don’t have any problems with tint variation.

 Face the protected side towards the direction of the sunlight or intense weather exposure. Know that polycarbonate sheets are UV-protected only on one side. So before you fix it on to your outdoor area, read the attached label and check for “This side up” or “This side down.” When you neglect to install the proper side, your polycarbonate roofing will not be able to withstand weathering and it will fade in colour quite quickly. 

 You need to check for the minimum fall needed for the polycarbonate sheet profile you’ve chosen. Polycarbonate roofing comes in three different profiles, namely: corrugated, 5-rib, and Greca. For corrugated and Greca profiles, the minimum fall is 5°, while for 5-rib it’s 3°. Miscalculating the fall of your roof may lead to leakage. And leakage is rarely a good thing, whether the polycarbonate roofing is installed on carports or patios. 

Pre-drill to allow for expansion and contraction. It is recommended that screw holes be a minimum of 10mm in diameter for sheet lengths up to 4.2m. For sheets over 4.2m and up to 8.1m, the screw holes should be 12mm in diameter.

Minimise noise produced by friction due to expansion and contraction. Use the recommended anti-noise tape along the tops of all battens.

Use the appropriate fixings or washers — ensure compatibility with your polycarbonate sheets. Manufacturers recommend using neoprene or EDM washers, and not PVC washers.




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