Corrugated Level 2 SolaFrost Polycarbonate Roofing

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This SolaFrost polycarbonate sheet incorporates our impressive 99.9% UV protection for your family. SolaFrost can also be used as a security screen for extra privicy. To complement your UV protection, this product now comes with a matt texture to the underside of the polycarbonate sheet.

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Polycarbonate Roofing Level 2 - SolaFrost Range.

Profile : Corrugated only

Colours : Clear & Grey

Sheet cover width: 760mm

Low trasmitted heat, softer light and more comfort.

Clear allows 87% light transmission, Grey allows 27% light tramsmission

Maximum sheet length available : 6.0m

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The shade factors shown provide an indication of the heat absorbed or reflected by the SolaFrost polycarbonate sheet.

This SolaFrost polycarbonate sheet significantly reduces the amount of direct sunlight and glare when compared with the standard polycarbonate roofing sheets. This in turn greatly enhances comfort of your outdoor living area.  Unlike Level 1 polycarbonate transparent sheeting, Solarfrost is a diffused translucent polycarbonate roofing product. This greatly enhances outdoor comfort.

The sheets are perfectly appropriate to domestic applications. It is fixed and flashed on a similar principal to metal roofing.  

The minimum fall recommended for corrugated is 5 degrees.  We strongly recommend using 5 rib polycarbonate roofing when the roof pitch is minimal.  If insufficient fall is allowed, leakage may occur.

To reduce noise caused by friction due to expansion and contraction, we recommend installing Anti Noise Tape to the top of the battens.

Polycarbonate roofing sheets are best cut with sharp snips. Small cuts can be made with sharp, strong scissors. If a power saw is used, it should be fitted with a fine toothed blade.




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